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I grew up using a C64 in the UK and I absolutely LOVED text adventures. Mixing a text adventure with a board game idea was a stroke of genius. This entire family has fallen in love with this game, we have shared it with our friends and family and since then when they come over they ALL request a round of The Nightland. I am so impressed with this title, and I started my career making Eye of the Beholder for the Amiga and PC! I love this game, love the idea, and hope to possibly help Alessio make an expanded version or an amazing sequel! Trust me, grab a copy and have an amazing time!

Thank you so much!

I wonder if anyone already thought about enhancing the gameplay by adding real dungeon tiles and a dice tower. Unfortunately, I don't have that many tiles prepared to rebuild the map.. however, I like the idea. ;-)


How about adding translations of the game for at least French and German?

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Hello and thank you so much for your kind feedback! As a Warhammer Fantasy player (and Frostgrave, and Oathmark) I can only approve your awesome idea... in next future I may include some kind of "vertical expansion" to the game! Unfortunately translation is more complex than it seems because texts are hardcoded in the source (for this reason I have given up an Italian version).

Understandable #translation. I played the game with my six year old daughter yesterday. She operated the Commodore and moved her character. I moved the opponent and translated the text. She had a lot of fun! ^^

Any chance you get a digital version if you buy the physical?

Hello and thank you!

This digital release is not directly related to the tape release and we do not have a tool to connect physical releases to itch. Please, reach out to the Publisher after the box is shipped to you and I believe they will find a way to share a file, so you can experience the game in your favorite way. 😉

I believe it will be possible, but not before the tapes are shipped :)

Sounds good. Thank you!

Molto interessante! è prevista per caso una versione in cui si può scegliere il numero di giocatori, per giocare in più persone?

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Ciao e grazie mille per il tuo feedback! 
L'edizione fisica consentirà di giocare in due (sempre con eventi controllati dalla CPU), maggiori informazioni puoi trovarle qui:

Ciao Gabriel, la versione multigiocatore è ora disponibile anche qui su itch ;)

This is actually fantastic, gives me "Warlock from Firetop Mountain" vibes from my childhood.

Another gem not published on CSDB, thanks

Thank you so much! Warlock of the Firetop Mountain, Lone Wolf, Talisman and Zork were a great inspiration for the game! 

This looks really cool, can't wait to play it.

Thank you so much! Great news are on the way... ;)